“Each is a unique piece of sculpture that can set a performer apart from the crowd — they scream “I am serious.”


A Levit Wand is a piece of art that you will either want to put on display, or immediately begin using in your performance. It's a hard decision to make as they are simply gorgeous! Each wand is hand crafted by Stephen Levit (my Pop). Different exotic woods or materials are used to create the tip, band and shaft of the wand to give each wand it's own personality. Levit Wands have been shipped all over the world to magicians  — professional and enthusiasts alike.

The process of making a Levit Wand typically takes about two days. Check out the video below to watch my father produce a wand from beginning to end.

Our "Signature Wand" is made of blackwood, faux ivory and cocobolo and simply stunning! Aside from this wand, all other Levit Wands are custom made to order. You choose the materials you like and my father will make it just for you.

Visit the gallery to view a past selection of wands created by my father for magicians and collectors.


We were honored to have the Levit Wand given to honored recipients at this years Genii Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Click the button below to order this  beautiful combination of woods! Or create your very own custom wand by visiting our gallery.


Stephen Levit is a woodworker. He is a craftsman. He is meticulous. Stephen Levit is my father. My entire life, I have been eating on beautiful wood tables that he has built. I have been sitting in chairs that he has handcrafted – chairs that seem to come from another era but are no doubt modern. I have displayed bowls in my home that he has hand turned. I have written my correspondence with pens that he has carefully crafted.

My father has been and done many things. He was in the Navy, aviation branch; he was a manufacturing and business consultant, he is a published author of  "Quality is Just the Beginning" by McGraw-Hill; he has been a ski instructor; he's a photographer; he raced motorcycles; he's a public speaker; he has owned his own employment company and managed his own consulting firm. And, as a magician himself, my introduction to the art was from him. But, ever since he helped me build my first wooden race car for Cub Scouts, to me he has always been a woodworker.

To walk into my father's wood shop, is like walking into Santa's Workshop. You just know this is where he is at home – this is where pieces of art emerge.

And his collection of magician's wands is no exception. From the time I asked him to make me a personal wand, he realized that he wanted to make wands for the magic community. I knew they would be beautiful, special and stunning.

Above all else, and beyond all that he has done in his life, my father is my hero.

– Jonathan Levit

“I love the look and the feel of the Levit Wand!”



Watch the video to the right to see my father build a Levit Wand from beginning to end. The process typically takes 2 days to complete a wand. Once the wand is complete, it is quality checked for imperfections in the wood that naturally present themselves during the turning process. A determination is then made of whether these natural imperfections are acceptable or not.


My father uses a variety of exotic woods and acrylics to create a stunning piece of art in each wand he crafts. The combination is up to you to make it truly your own, one of a kind addition to your act. Check out the gallery to see a selection of wands my father has previously crafted.

Click the image to the right for a
full viewing of the materials available.


Peruse the gallery of  some wands my father has created for other magicians, look at the woods and materials that you can choose from, and then decide on the wand that will fit your personality and style. Once you have it, click the buttons below to place an order.

My father makes each wand as it is ordered. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your wand to be completed.

Signature Wand: $175 + Shipping

Custom Wand: $200 + Shipping


Note: Ordering on this site does not work in Internet Explorer. If you have Internet Explorer, please contact us to place your order.


Peruse our gallery to see wands ordered by other customers or buy a wand currently in our stock.


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